September 24, 2016

Writing || A Beginning

I'm writing this from my new bed in a new apartment. I'm a little giddy with possibility and a little scared with it also. I have no safety net, instead just walking straight out on a tightrope I'm not sure I know how to balance on. It's exhilarating.

Usually when a new chapter begins you are unaware of it. It sneaks up on you in such a way that you don't realise it's occurred until you take the time to reflect. Other times, and more rarely, you are aware of a chapter beginning as it's happening. It feels as though all your atoms are being pulled in both directions; backwards to what you've known and forwards to what could be. The very fabric of your soul gets ripped at the seams, creating space for new experiences to seep in.

I can physically feel myself on the edge of something new, despite not really knowing what that something may be. A new state of mind, a new perspective, a new adventure.

The whole world feels brand new.

September 21, 2016

Dear Diary #1

Just a little experiment for a new series on this blog. Let me know your thoughts!

September 10, 2016

Adventure || Melbourne

In 2014 my best friend moved to Melbourne to start studying at the National Institute for Circus Arts. This month she had her big end of second year show so I thought it was about time I made the trip to watch her perform. I'd been to Melbourne 3 times before but always to compete in gymnastics competitions and never for very long, so it was like exploring the city for the first time around again.

The first thing I found was that Melbourne has a distinctive culture that you can feel and see everywhere you look. The buildings, the shops, even the people have a look which is distinctly Melbournian. It made me realise how cultureless my hometown of Brisbane is. In the mornings we went exploring, going to places like St Kilda beach, The National Gallery and the alleyways filled with graffiti that Melbourne is well known for. Everywhere we went was bursting with beauty.

It was only a short trip; 5 and a half days altogether, but it was definitely worth it to visit a place I've now decided I want to call my home one day, and to see my best friend more than the once every 3 months that we're used to.

Melbourne, I will be back.