April 8, 2017

On Film || February & March '17

My second lot of film photos came in the other day and the focus is a little bitter than last time! Yay! There were some photos that I really loved in this roll along with the character the imperfections give them.

March 31, 2017

Video || March 2017

A little snippet of the month, more to do with how it felt than anything else.

March 21, 2017

Writing || A Response to my 2013 "50 Facts"

In 2013 I wrote and published a list of "50 facts about me." Reading back I couldn't help but notice some big differences between who I was then and who I am now. I thought I'd respond to her.


1.     I have never drunk alcohol and never intend to You drink if you want a drink, never much or often, but there’s no reason for you to flat out avoid it out of fear like you once did.
2.     I get a lot of people making snide remarks because of the previous fact Nobody cares what you do 18 year old me. Nobody. Cares.
3.     I can count all of my friends on one hand You’ve got friends in a plethora of countries from all around the world, and though you might not see the ones that live near you that often, they’ll be there when you need them most.
4.     The second I meet someone, after I leave I automatically assume they dislike me It’s called anxiety, and you have it.
5.     I find it extremely hard to make friends You still find it hard at 21 but it’s easier, you’re better at putting yourself out there.
6.     It takes me a really long time to feel comfortable around someone True
7.     I started studying Science at university this year Oh you poor soul
8.     I have since decided I hate science. Incorrect. You do not hate science. You hated the way in which you were taught science, but it’s something that fills you with wonder daily.
9.     I'm looking towards swapping my university course into something to do with creative writing or fashion And did you do it? No.
10.  Thinking of 50 facts is going to be a lot harder than I previously assumed Okay
11.   My favourite thing about getting ready is doing my hair Your hair is a lot shorter than it used to be now. My favourite thing about getting ready is probably creating a new outfit combination.
12.  I have no idea what job I want to have when I finish university and that's probably why I don't know what course to do That’s true, and you still have no idea.
13.  It's my dream to live in a house in the woods That still sounds amazing, but things would be a little different now.
14.  I want a library in my future home Is it not enough to just have a collection of the books you love? Who cares if they’re just crammed into tiny bookshelves. They’re still there.
15.  Just once, I want to have a greenhouse YOU’RE NOT THAT GOOD AT LOOKING AFTER PLANTS
16.  I love writing poetry, but nobody in my family knows it My family is unbelievably supportive and excited about my poetry. My sister designed the covers of the three poetry books you’ve published since.
17.  I will often look overdressed rather than underdressed, because I love dressing up Yeah but sometimes you just don’t care
18.  Sewing is one of my favourite things to do Correct
19.  I hate it when people say "I can't live without my phone" Cut them some slack 18 year old me. Maybe focus on yourself???
20.  I always bring a book if I know I'm going to be waiting somewhere Still true
21.  I am currently reading "The Girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making" I’m currently reading “Man’s Search for Meaning”
22.  I'm not close friends with my "Best Friend" from high school And?
23.  I drift away from practically everyone There are a lot of people who are supposed to only be temporary in your life. Imagine holding onto them all!? But the people who are worth keeping around will stay.
24.  I'm the most introverted person I know You’re still introverted but you’re getting braver at doing things that go against it.
25.  I have only been overseas once but dream of travelling the world You’ve been overseas three times since. In fact you were in the USA for 3 months in 2015.

26.  I keep a diary You still do.
27.  I'm 18, but don't have my drivers license I’m 21 and I still don’t
28.  I'm not afraid of being alone, in fact, I prefer it Being alone is great, but so is being with people who make you as comfortable as you would be alone.
29.  I never used to like tea, almonds or oranges, now they are all among my favourite things You’ve gone off almonds again
30.  There's a grocery store where I live called "Aldi" I refuse to ever enter it I hate it that much Oh my goodness why do I still dislike this shop
31.  I wish I had an awesome middle name, but I'm stuck with the stock-standard "Louise" Which your parents gave you out of love. Own it.
32.  I love having a set routine, I find it fun Routines make the world go round.
33.  I absolutely love planning something out before it happens, it makes me more excited I’m planning out a roadtrip on a big map right now
34.  I don't have anyone I can talk about my problems to WRONG YOU’RE JUST TOO SCARED TO START TALKING
35.  I'm scared I'm wasting my youth You’re not, stop worrying about it
36.  My favourite movie is Dead Poets Society My favourite movies are Dead Poets Society and Into the Wild
37.  I do not have any piercings or tattoos I have 3 piercings
38.  I believe I have learnt more about myself in 2013 than I ever have before And how much you’ll keep learning forever after!
39.  I can honestly say I am happy with who I am We’re always changing and evolving, don’t get caught up in only liking this stagnant version of you.
40.  I love being awake before everyone else, having the world to myself for a while Still true
41.  I come up with the most interesting and fun things to do when I'm supposed to be studying You’ve not had a reason to need to “study” for 3 years now
42.  I always send birthday cards and letters to people in the hopes that maybe one day someone will send me one too Now you just send them because you realise the importance of kindness for kindness’ sake
43.  Receiving handwritten mail is among my favourite things This one will remain true forever
44.  One of my biggest dreams is to save enough money for my parents to travel overseas for the first time But don’t forget to show your love in the little ways too
45.  I have learnt to really appreciate the little things this year The little things are all there is
46.  I'd like to think I am an optimist I bounce from one end to the other
47.  People who put you down for being who you are or liking what you like are the worst kind of people Yes they are
48.  I always try my hardest not to judge other people and get really uncomfortable in conversations where the person I'm with is belittling someone else Human beings are just humans beings. Good job 18 year old self.
49.  I make new years resolutions every year Not as many as I used to
50.  If you've actually read all of these, I love you. 

March 17, 2017

A Resolution || Thrifted, Gifted or Homemade

Shirt: Thrifted, Skirt: Homemade, Rings: Gifted & Homemade, Earrings: Gifted, Scrunchie: Homemade
When creating New Year's Resolutions at the end of last year I kept coming back to an idea I've had for a while but have been too scared to announce to anyone. The ironic thing is that I already follow this premise for the most part but once I share it with others I'm locked in; it's something that I feel I need to achieve.

I've decided that for as long as I possibly can (hopefully forever!) I will only wear clothing that is thrifted, gifted or homemade. There's a few exceptions to this rule such as underwear, socks and sports wear, but I would love to eventually learn how to make my own of these too!

Obviously with homemade items but also with thrifted ones, you get the feeling of uniqueness. There's a story behind each piece; whether it's the one you created by making it or one you will never know by someone you'll never meet. There's intention each time you pick an outfit from your wardrobe and everything feels special, like it's truly yours and not like anything else people will own from chain stores.

So now I've announced it and I need to stick with my goal. Hopefully I'll be able to encourage other people to try including more thrifted or homemade items into their own lives too.

~ Erin

March 14, 2017

Photos || My New Home

I live somewhere new now. It's just me and my sister and more cupboards than we have things to put in them. In the afternoon the sun falls through my windows and across the walls like a final goodbye before it slips below the horizon. I can't wait to hang crystals all along the window and watch the rainbows they create dancing around the room. It's nice here. It's peaceful and it feels like it's ours. Soon we'll have friends over for meals or to let them crash when they need a place to stay. I think this place is going to be good.

~ Erin